Without the generosity of our supporters and partners, NCRR and our post earthquake relief efforts and Seven Schools in Seven Weeks would not of been possible.


Richard and Sarah from the foundation are kindly supporting Shree Krishna Primary School
The Share the Load Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, founded by UK based adventure tour operator, Lost Earth Adventures. It began as a way to promote the well-being of Himalayan mountain porters and to improve their overall working conditions. Porters form a large part of the backbone of the trekking industry and as a whole is a worthy profession for the many men and women that work in this field. As the Foundation progressed the focus has shifted towards development in rural and mountain communities, such as education and infrastructure development, not wholly just the well-being of the porter community.

“Our main objective is to work in conjunction with local communities to further their development and to assist with infrastructure development, such as medical facilities and running water pumps and promote viable educational resources”

1% of all Lost Earth Adventures’ tour sales go towards Share the Load Foundation and 100% of donations go directly to funding projects in Nepal. All administration costs are covered by Lost Earth Adventures.


Karma Foundation is a non-profit of social tours and Karma Coffee working on responsible philanthropy disbursement to projects in Nepal, now for quake relief! While Karma Foundation has always worked for responsible disbursement of philanthropy in Nepal, currently we are focusing on the massive destruction caused by the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal.

“We work as a channel, bringing in funds from well-wishers and friends and people and organisations who trust our knowledge of local requirements and our decisions to make the disbursements. We will however ensure every money spent is transparent and accountable, coming out of a deep sense of respect for where the money has come from, and that it is hard earned! Quake relief money will be used for immediate emergency relief and later for medium term rehabilitation. Trust our judgement. This is our country, and we are very concerned that this money does not reach wrong hands! That’s our promise!”



“Due to the success of Yak Attack over the years, we have been able to make some small contributions to the Nepalese MTB community through our Yak Attack Foundation.

In 2013, we financed some of the top Nepali riders to attend the Asian MTB Games in China, the prestigious Langkawi MTB race in Malaysia, and supported Ajay Pandit Chhetri, for 2 seasons of racing in the UK.  In 2015, we financed the top 3 Nepali riders to participate in the MTB World Cup in South Africa.”

This exposure to more competitive international fields has had a huge impact on the teams level of performance and professionalism. In turn, this has helped to raise the profile of the sport in Nepal and the potential economic, health and well-being benefits for young people working, or striving to work, in the country’s fast growing mountain biking industry.