Without the generosity of our supporters and partners, NCRR wouldn’t have been able to complete the ventures that they have or continue with the development of the schools and training centre.

Here are just a few of our current and previous supporters.

Current Supporters

Shree Nayodaya primary school was fully funded by the Blackbird restaurant group in Lausanne, Switzerland. The money was raised by 10 cents per Blackbird coffee sold being allocated to the school project, as well as donations from clients and staff. The 10c initiative has continued since the schools construction, and in 2017 Blackbird funded all outstanding tables and benches for the six primary schools of the district. The next Blackbird project planned for 2018 is the creation of a central library that will provide English books to students from all seven schools of Shirkabesi district.


Due to the success of Yak Attack over the years, Mountain Biking Worldwide (MTB-WW) have been able to make some small contributions to the Nepalese MTB community through their Yak Attack Foundation.

In 2013, MTB-WW financed some of the top Nepali riders to attend the Asian MTB Games in China, the prestigious Langkawi MTB race in Malaysia, and supported Ajay Pandit Chhetri, for 2 seasons of racing in the UK. In 2015, they financed the top 3 Nepali riders to participate in the MTB World Cup in South Africa.

This exposure to more competitive international fields has had a huge impact on the teams’ level of performance and professionalism. In turn, this has helped to raise the profile of the sport in Nepal and the potential economic, health and well-being benefits for young people working, or striving to work, in the country’s fast-growing mountain biking industry.

For the foreseeable future, the Yak Attack Foundation will be concentrating on the development of the coaching centre for local riders in Nepal to receive structured coaching and advice on all aspects of mountain bike racing.


Previous Supporters

Richard Goodey and Sarah Allard from Lost Earth adventures have kindly sponsored the build of Shree Krishna Primary School from their associated Share the Load Foundation (one of the primary schools in the 7 Schools project).


Raj and Birget from The Karma Foundation have been valuable contributors to the 7 Schools and Earthquake Relief projects.