Previous Projects

NCRR have initiated many projects since they first set up the NGO following the devastating earthquakes in 2015.

Initially the mountain bikers of NCRR rode to Sikhar Besi; a small region located 100km outside of Kathmandu at the base of Langtang Lugri in the Himalayas. Approximately 80% of the villages within Sikhar Besi, are only accessible by bike or on foot due to the rocky terrain. Upon reaching them, NCRR witnessed first-hand the overwhelming challenges in delivering relief to over 5,000 people within this region.

NCRR became intimately familiar with the local community which included residents, local leaders and school principles. NCRR gained their trust and learned about their long-term needs.

This gave NCRR the initiative to start 2 huge projects: Earthquake Relief and 7 Schools.

NCRR’s aims for these projects were:

  • to provide the Sikhar Besi community with immediate aid that could assist with their basic needs following the destruction of homes and lives. i.e. food, shelter, medical supplies
  • to provide the Sikhar Besi communities with a sustainable way of living following the earthquakes
  • to rebuild 6 primary schools and 1 secondary school, which could also be used as safe places in times of crisis or natural disaster or as a community centre.

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