School Maintenance

NCRR have managed to build 7 schools within the Sikhar Besi area of Nuwakot (click here for further information). Although the structural buildings are now complete and in use there are still many things that can be done to help these communities to live happy and healthy lives.

The reason for building the schools was to not only use them as teaching facilities, but also to form community hubs and be a safe house in times of need or disaster.

To make this as effective as possible the following things are still required.

Painting and rendering

6 of the schools have now been rendered with just 1 outstanding.  The cost of getting this final school rendered is approximately $2,000 USD. As well as the rendering of the schools we still need to paint each one. The painting of these buildings are really important to make sure that they stand up against the extremes of weather in Kathmandu and that they last. Painting the buildings will stop them from developing rust and water damage which will help to keep them protected during the monsoon seasons. Although it may only seem like something small – it will be the paint that protects the buildings and makes sure that they last for years to come.

Toilets, water pipe and water tank: costs 

At the moment none of the schools have toilets in them causing a serious issue for health and hygiene within the area. Not only are toilets an important adjunct to reducing the spread of disease they are also important for sanitation, to prevent the spread of disease and for the villagers dignity. NCRR want to look at using septic tank toilets which not only means that the children will have separate male and female toilets but also so that they dont contribute towards environmental issues. And can become sustainable.


Teachers Desks and Chairs

Office Draws and Cabinets


More Teachers

Teacher Training



Pens, pencils, whiteboard pens,

Incinerating Rubbish Bins

At the moment there are no rubbish or recycling bins at the schools. This means that there is nowhere for the villagers or children to put waste, which not only contributes to the high levels of pollution in Kathmandu but also means that water supplies and other areas are contaminated or at risk of spreading disease. These bins can be purchased from local sources meaning that as well as having somewhere to put rubbish it also instills from an early age the importance of recycling, litter and waste on the environment.



Already Done:

White Boards

For the teachers to be able to do their jobs effectively, and the children to be able to learn. There are many different learning styles that all individuals have; for example some are visual, kinaesthetic etc. Being able to write or draw on a whiteboard not only helps children to learn and retain information more effectively but it also gives the teachers another adjunct to work with.

Student Desks and Benches

Richard funded and completed.