Ongoing Projects

The earthquakes were only a few years ago now but the revenues that were generated for NCRR’s cause have dropped dramatically. The need for immediate aid has reduced; but there is still a high demand for sustainable living and projects.

Our objectives here at NCRR are to;

  • help maintain the current schools that we have helped to rebuild by
    • providing books, stationary, furniture and teacher training
  • help to regenerate areas that have been heavily damaged by the earthquakes and natural disasters by
    • continuing the rebuild of sustainable schools
    • providing information that can help communities to continue to develop and rebuild
  • reward those that have helped others by
    • providing a coaching centre for the Nepali mountain bikers that they have control and ownership of
    • sourcing a regular income through sponsors and supporters for monthly rental of the premises and additional costs such as; gym equipment, nutritional products and coaching
    • offering mountain bikers the chance to become elite athletes, regardless of class or money

Re-Build of Schools

Schools help to:

  • provide children with a safe learning environment, structured days, life experience, socialisation, increased awareness, understanding and knowledge and ultimately, better prospects in life
  • provide a safe haven for children in the day and give their families time to go out to work and earn money or to continue to rebuild their lives following the destruction of the earthquakes.
  • provide community buildings out of school hours and can transform into safe houses in times of need.
  • help villages and communities to become sustainable and non-reliant on others. It provides freedom.

For further information on the rebuilding of schools please click here.

NCRR Coaching Centre

With the 2020 Olympics coming up, the Nepal national mountain bike riders have no place to train or get the advice that they need.

This diminishes their chances of competing at international level, especially against western competitors who can get access to sports coaches, specific sports nutrition, correct training in keeping with their culture and lifestyle.

By offering a safe place for both male and female national mountain bike riders to get access to:

  • mountain bike specific training coach
  • mountain bike specific and rider specific training plans
  • sports specific nutrition
  • turbo trainers and other forms of assessment and objective measures

This means that these riders have a higher chance of becoming the elite athletes that they aspire to be.

As ever we want to keep equality ongoing and being able to help the national riders, who cannot afford these programmes, it gives them a better chance of succeeding.

By NCRR training centre users donating where possible and NCRR having 4 sponsored events per year; we are hoping that this training centre becomes self-sustainable and helps not only the Nepal national riders, but also those who do it for the love of mountain biking.

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