Below are some articles and video’s, captured by various news channels, about the Nepali mountain bikers bid to rescue and deliver aid following the earthquakes. It was at this time that NCRR was born.

27th June 2015 Bohemian Compass – Prey for Nepal

26th June 2015 BBC News – Nepal’s national mountain bike team turn rescuers

15th May 2015 The Himalayan Times – Bikers to the Rescue (Page 11)

10th May 2015 The Berlina – Nepal Mountain Bike National Team

9th May 2015 Road C.C – Mountain bikers in Nepal Using Skills to Deliver Aid

8th May 2015 Channel 10 News Australia – Mountain bikers in Nepal Earthquake Relief

5th May 2015 Time.Com – Nepal Earthquake Mountain Bike Cyclists Ride to Rescue

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