How to Help

There are so many ways in which you can help with any of our projects!

Financial Donations

All donations (no matter how big or small) are hugely appreciated and can make a huge difference on the impact that we want to achieve. Please see our bank details below for details of how to donate. If you would like your donation to go towards a specific project or would like to make a regular payment, please contact us at

Gift Donations

We are always needing new materials for the schools and the coaching centre. Current items that we are looking for include;

  • stationary and school work books
  • text books and learning materials
  • furniture including tables and chairs
  • gym equipment
  • turbo trainers
  • sports specific nutrition
  • performance measuring apparatus

For more information on items that we need – please see the specific pages in ‘Ongoing Projects”. Or if you have any other ideas for gift donations that you think would be beneficial for our projects, please contact us at

Sponsor a School

If you have the resources to fundraise or donate, towards the rebuild, maintenance or facilities of a school, please let us know. Although we have managed to rebuild several schools so far, they still do not have access to the same resources as western cultures.

Sponsor the Coaching Centre

If you have the resources to be able to hold regular fundraisers or support our training centre this would be a huge help. Having a regular amount of money coming in, not only helps us to plan our funds better but also means that we can achieve much more. 


Holding a fundraiser to generate revenue for any of our projects is an excellent way of helping! Not only does this help to collect funds for our projects, but it also helps to raise awareness of Nepal and the work that we are doing. 

Another great way of fundraising for NCRR is through participation in a Mountain Bike Worldwide race. By raising $300+ USD you will receive a 10% discount from the entry fee of your chosen event.

Or sign up for one of Mountain Biking Worldwide’s holidays and 3% of the tour cost will go towards a NCRR project.


Visiting Nepal and volunteering your time not only has a huge impact on the local economy but also helps to educate and train others. We require individuals that can offer;

  • teacher training
  • training coaches
  • sports coach training

If you have a skill set that is not on this list but feel that it could be beneficial to our causes, please get in contact at

Raise Awareness

Please spread the word of our projects! You can do this through social media, word of mouth, flyers, leaflets, emails etc. If you would like any specific promotional tools for NCRR or any of our projects then let us know and we will be happy to send them across. 


Holiday in Nepal! Nepal relies heavily on tourism as a way of earning money, so if you can make it your holiday destination then this really does help our economy to grow. Please get it contact with us if you are visiting Nepal and we can organise trips to visit the schools or the training centre. 


If you would like to have any extra resources to help with your donations, i.e. flyers, leaflets, social media input – please let us know and we can email you over the documents that we have available. 

How to Donate?

Donations can be made quickly and safely by using the following bank account, or alternatively contact us at the below email address.


Account Name – Nepal Cyclist Ride to Rescue
Bank – Himalayan Bank Limited (Kathmandu Nepal)
Main Branch – Thamel,
Address – Tridevi Marg, P.O. Box 20590,Kathmandu.
Account No: 01905898150018

If you need further information, please email us at

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