Coaching Centre

The NCRR Coaching Centre is a new initiative that is supported by the Yak Attack Foundation.

There is massive potential to produce world class mountain bike riders from Nepal but unfortunately, they do not receive any support from the government or sporting organisations to further their skills.

Without the facilities and support that western riders can access and receive; it will always be difficult for the Nepali riders to be competitive with the elite western riders.

NCRR and the Yak Attack Foundation, want to create a place and means for Nepali mountain bikers to receive structured training, coaching, advice on nutrition and a safe place to train. This will, hopefully, inspire and help the riders to achieve their true potential. By starting the coaching centre as soon as possible, hopefully the riders can get to the level needed to become world class athletes and qualify for the 2020 Olympics.

Cory Wallace, 24 Hour World Champion is a huge supporter of this initiative. He managed to complete a seriously hard-core challenge back in November, 2017 where he cycled the Annapurna circuit (from Besi Sahar – Beni), totalling 220km distance with 6,500m of ascending in just under 24-hours. He managed to raise an incredible $2,300USD towards the training centre. With this huge donation we have managed to do the following:

  • secure premises within the Thamel area of Kathmandu for 6 months at a cost of $200 per month, these premises have a separate room where coaching can take place, a training room with basic gym equipment and a shower room.
  • financed tutoring for Ajay Pandit Chhetri (who will front the centre) in the science of coaching by TorqFitness UK, enabling him to create training plans, coach and advise on nutrition. We envisage this will be an ongoing learning process
  • sourced an at cost smart turbo trainer that can accurately record data, meaning that Ajay can provide accurate and specific coaching based on the individual rider.


The next steps for the NCRR Coaching Centre are to source the following items;

  • standard turbo trainers to allow mass indoor structured training
  • power cranks to allow accurate testing and training over varied outdoor trails
  • heart rate monitors for further testing and training data
  • swiss balls and wobble boards for strength and conditioning
  • water heater for the shower
  • fit out the coaching centre with a small kitchen to allow for nutrition following sessions
  • coffee machine
  • food blender
  • nutritional products including protein powder, isotonic drink powder, multi vitamins etc.

Short Term Vision

  • at least 1 Nepali mountain bike rider up to the level to be able to compete in the 2020 Olympics
  • encourage new riders into the world of mountain biking
  • promote mountain biking in Nepal

Long Term Vision

  • to create a world class Nepali mountain bike team
  • host a coaching centre that is not only for the Nepali National mountain bikers, but that can be easily and readily accessed to anybody needing or wanting the coaching
  • promote sport within Nepal
  • create job opportunities within the sporting industry


As always, here at NCRR, we are always looking for sustainable projects. For the coaching centre we will be holding 4 sponsored events per year to continue the funding. As well as this we will be asking for donations for all riders who use the centre; this means that individuals who use the centre can contribute what they can afford towards the centre. Meaning that it doesn’t have to be only the affluent who can afford to be coached!

One of the sponsored events will be the continuation of Cory Wallace’s Annapurna in 24-hours which will be the yearly mark for the NCRR Training Centre.


If you can help with any of the above or have anything else that you think would be useful for the centre, then we would love to here from you.