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Well 2016 has finally arrived, and despite crossing many deadlines, facing many hurdles Seven Schools in Seven Weeks is now under way.

A boarder blockade with India which has stranded Prefab and roofing supplies and made it hard to refuel transport trucks for building materials. That coupled with a government that seem to be unwilling to act, and still no solid Education incentives has really slowed things down.

An unprecedented cold winter has also struck the region and while the local people are struggling to keep warm and reconstruct their own homes, they had still come forward with a workforce and support for our Seven Schools in Seven Weeks Project.

Nayodhanda Primary school now has a Concrete slap ground, 5 other schools have foundations and the slab pour will go on this week. While the Prefab walling is still being held hostage at the Indian Boarder, the Roofing trusses are on route to the village as we speak and the workforce to erect them should be in the village by the end of the week.

We have to thank all our supports and Donors who have made this possible, while we have still not met our budget and still need to raise some US$30,000 to complete the project, thing are moving and at-least 3 of the schools will be completed within 4 weeks and the another 3 very soon after that.

Special thanks needs to go out to Sarah Allard and Richard Goodey who have sponsored Shree Krishna Primary school to its completion through their Share the Load Foundation which is run on profits from their Adventure travel company Lost Earth Adventures.

Another one of our big supports is Richard who through Black Bird Cafe has made a huge contribution to the initial aid efforts and is also fully sponsoring Nayadhada Primary schools to its completion and with a yearly support grant.

Also Karma Foundation, Raj and Birget have also been valuable contributors to our project.

These are just a few of the amazing people who have helped us get Seven Schools in Seven Weeks up and Running, another we are not on time, we are moving and anyone who has spent any time in Nepal will appreciate the sheer effort, support and team work it has taken to get the wheels rolling.

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