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It is now just over three months since the earthquake struck Nepal. We have shifted out of the relief phase of the project and into the longer-term reconstruction phase. Exciting times lie ahead as we have set the ball rolling on the below projects, but we did not realize how much paper work and planning was involved. Our first building quotation rolled in late last week and we hope that by the end of the first week in August we are ready to roll out our budget, our building plan and funding proposals.


Seven Schools in Seven Weeks

This is our biggest challenge and something the team are really looking forward to. Already we have faced many challenges getting this school project underway, but it has also been lots of fun.

While deciding on construction method we had to consider many factors for such a huge project; transport and portage was one of them. Right now, we have two quotations in hand and one more on the way. Once these are in, we will choose a contractor and set the wheels in motion for this project.

Our chosen building method is pre-fab construction as it is affordable, durable and portable (we hope).

Phase 1 – Temporary Schools – Complete.

Phase 2 – Planning, Budgeting and Fundraising – Yup its going on now, lots of Coffee and lots of paperwork

Phase 3 – Construction – Target Date 1st December

Phase 4 – Handover and Opening – Target Date 2nd Week in January


Silame 3 Shree Nayodaya Primary School 30 4(Inc. Office) 12ft x 10ft
Manedanda 7 Shree Manedanda Primary School 165 6(Inc. Office) 12ft x 15ft
Aange Fata 3 Shree Krishna Primary School 46 4(Inc. Office) 12ft x 10ft
Simtang 1 Chyan Danda Primary School 110 67(Inc. Office) 12ft x 15ft
Chauthali Danda 4 Shree Sagar Kudi Primary School 55 4 (Inc. Office) 12ft x 15ft
Sarang 8 Chana Bhumi Primary School 74 4 (Inc. Office) 12ft x 15ft
Sikarbesi 5 Bachhala Secondary School 463 11 classrooms 19ft x 20ft

Project Budget:- $235,000 USD


This small side project focuses on getting the schools ready for opening it includes;

School Furniture

Making desks and furniture for the students. We hope to supply the material and use local craftsmen to build it. It will provide a source of income for the villagers.

School Bags for the Kids

The bags will be made by the womens development group Hamri Bhaini, which helps to give women brighter futures.

School Uniforms

These are for the primary schools’ children helping them get ready to go back to school. It will give them some warm, quality clothing ready for winter. The uniforms will be made by the seven women training program (who focus on helping single women from villages become independent in Kathmandu).


Project Budget $45,000 USD


The Kathmandu Kora is a yearly event hosted by social tours and the Karma Foundation. The event, on the 19th of July, saw approximately 2700 riders complete either a 50k, 75k or 100k Kora of the Kathmandu valley. This year was the start of what NCRR hopes is a long-term relationship between the Kora and NCRR for fundraising.

We are working jointly with the world cyclist, Puskha Shai, and the Karma Foundation to complete a health post in Dholka – Maki Bhari. The previous health post was destroyed during the earthquakes.

The funds have been generated by the Kora event in conjunction with the Karma Foundation and Save the Children and we hope to complete one similar fundraiser every year.


Project Budget $17,500 USD (Funds contributed by Karma Foundation)


A small but exciting project! We are working with Hans Rey and his team at Wheels For Life to identify women who would benefit by having a bike to help them get to and from work or college. Hopefully empowering them to become more independent.


Project Budget $2,500 USD (Funds contributed by Wheels for Life)


Dashain is one of the biggest and most celebrated festivals in Nepal. It runs over 15 days and celebrates the end of the harvest. Traditionalist people would return to their villages for this festival. Sadly, there are a lot of people will not celebrate Dashain due to deaths in their families.

Dashain is a time of sharing and eating. NCRR have decided to provide a care package of food and blankets to each of the 940 families in the Shirkra Besi VDC.

Project Budget $33,500 USD


We would really like to thank you all so much for your support and your trust by supporting us and donating money. Now to make it easier we are finally beginning our official NGO registration. This means we will have the benefits of being; tax free on costs, having international bank transfer procedures and much more.

It is a golden opportunity to network with like-minded people from all over the world, so our young and enthusiastic team of cyclists can grow, learn and develop skills.

If anyone is interested in being involved in any of the above projects, please do let us know and we will send you more detailed information.

Thank you all for your support and keep following us to see our progress.

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