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This week saw the completion of 25 temporary shelters for classrooms in Shirkha Besi. We managed to cover 7 schools in the VDC; giving them safe, functioning shelters to run the school until after the monsoon.

The project took a week and cost around $4,000 USD. All of the materials used will be re-used later when we build permanent schools.

The villagers were surprised at the amount of work that we have completed so far and are really happy for the help that they have received. Now there is some hope and excitement in the village.

Soon we will be sending blackboards, school books and pens so that classes can resume in some kind of order. But there are still many problems to overcome and hurdles to cross. Some teachers have left but we hope they will return soon.

This is the first step of our seven schools project which is currently in its fundraising stage.



NCRR have chosen to work on the rebuilding of village schools as part of our building phase. School buildings within Nepalese villages are an integral part of the social network, community and social structure of a village. Not only are schools a place for education (and a safe, supervised place for parents to leave their children), they can also double as community centres when not in use or in times of need. They are more important now than ever as they are a safe place for children to go to whilst parents clear and rebuild other damages caused by the earthquakes.

In the VDC there are approximately 600 houses destroyed. Although we would like to assist, it would be an immeasurable task for us to rebuild every house and with local politics heavily involved it is nigh impossible to begin such a large project.

In the long term the villagers will receive financial assistance from the Nepal Government to rebuild their homes (details of the funding and when it will be released are still unclear and it could take some time). The best thing we can do is secure local families in shelters, provide building advice and materials before the monsoon and then assist them in opening up channels to access the funds from the Government as well as maintain a stable food and medical aid supply until they can become self-sufficient again.

By choosing the rebuilding of schools as our core objective we:

a. can successfully implement our objective

b. can provide education and training for local people in the earthquake safe building technology. We will then use these methods for the building of the schools; which will result in the safe building of houses in the region. The equipment we use will be donated to the community for reuse.

To be successful in the above proposal we have created teams who are currently being educated with regard to safe building technique.



To rebuild six primary schools and one secondary school in the Shikhar Besi VDC.

NCRR’s objective is to re-build the school as earthquake resistant and sustainable (rainwater harvesting, solar power, biodegradable toilets). This will create better, safer and long-term learning environments for the students.

The assessment of current school condition

The hard work of bending the poles:

Ruined desks will need replacing:

The area is stunning – schools with a view

The shelters to be used as classrooms


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