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The NCRR field team is back from their longest stint in Sikhra Besi. Now we have managed to survey all wards there and deliver food to all households in need. The feeling is good as the moral of the VDC is much higher than before.

The highlight for us was being able to reach remote ward 3 and supply food up there, where it is much needed.

We have checked up also on the people we treated for medical problems and injuries, all are making good recoveries and on person that required amputation has been evacuated by Government Helicopter.

Our base camp has become a home to us and a sign of hope for the locals. We have forged strong bonds with the people here and will be going back very soon.

As we left this time INGO’s and scouts from the World Food Program where arriving in the area to asses long term food needs, which is great as the task is quite overwhelming. This now leaves us to focus on the next stage of our plan……”Project Rebuild”. We are taking the next few days off to research building options and methods that will be sustainable. Our plan is to rebuild 7 Schools in the VDC.

The schools are all primary with 30 – 50 kids each, so will be 2-3 classrooms. We think the best way forward is to provide Portal Shelters for the monsoon that is coming very fast and once the weather has cleared we can move on to building safe and sustainable schools.


Semi-permanent Shelter Cost (Around 20 needed) = US$2500 (includes transport, materials and labor)

Permanent Schools Budget – Per School US$10,000 for three class rooms.

We will be doing more extensive costings and research  on these projects when we return to the village at the end of this week we will assess all the schools and their needs, its not just a matter of going in and building a school, we have to heed the locals and their needs as well as we are looking to forge a long term partnership with them.

The local people are very grateful for the help they have received, none of this would of been possible without the huge help from everyone who has been donating money to us.

Thank you again for your support.

The start of the long walk home

Waiting for food distrabution

The steep land, nothing about this is easy

Sometimes its hard to know where to start!

Kids always have the capacity to smile


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