Riders Return From Sikhra Besi

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Again we wish to thank everyone for their kind donations. This is one of the many things NCRR are achieving as a result.

We have to date succeeded in getting supplies out to a heavily affected village that was not receiving any aid almost a week after the earthquake disaster.

The NCRR team have recently returned from their mission to Nuwakot, 100 kilometres to the north of Kathmandu. Their objective was to reach the village of Shikhar Besi, the birth home of one of Nepal’s top cyclists, Buddhi Bahadhur Tamang, or ‘Roan’ to his friends.

This village, although only 100km away, took the riders 11 hours to reach due to badly damaged roads and general chaos as a result of the earthquake. After assessing the immediate damage the NCRR team noted 50 houses (almost 90%) of the village was reduced to rubble and some 500 people had been displaced. Many including the elderly and very young were in desperate need of food, shelter and medical aid.

NCRR member, Santosh, identified some major problems upon reaching the area. The roads were impassable due to the initial earthquake and heavy rains to follow. The team was forced to carry approximately 800 kilograms of supplies just over 20 kilometres to reach the main village. With the assistance of some villagers, team work prevailed and the aid items reached the village successfully.

Within the village we assessed the water supply, it is currently okay but the villagers have to walk some distance to get to it. The farming plots are damaged quite severely and most of the food reserves have been spoiled. Seasonable food stuffs such as maze are the only things left in storage undamaged. Some families have lost their livestock also.

The village school was also brought to the ground and there is no nearby medical facility to Shikhar Besi. Those injured or in need of medical attention must walk approximately four hours to reach it. The village is totally isolated from support.

For now this village has been temporarily stabilized thanks to the NCRR team. However, this will be an ongoing project and we will need to continue funding this village, and many others like it, as the need for medical aid and reconstruction support continues for months, even years to come.

The young NCRR team have displayed great team work and empathy among this major disaster. We are very proud of them; we hope to keep supporting them, so that they can keep up this great work.









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