Farmers Lose Everything

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There are so many sad stories pouring in.

Our main team comprising of Ajay, Santosh and the riders are currently on their way back from Nuwakot, so we will update you later this evening in regard.

Back in Kathmandu Valley today we rushed out to a nearby village that we use as part of our cycling routes. We heard a local family there was in desperate need of aid.

This particular family, among many others, is a farming family of four generations. Their house collapsed in the earthquake disaster last Saturday. They have not only suffered the loss of their home but with it their entire livelihood, along with food stockpiles that would typically see them through until the next harvest. They are now homeless as a result.

We were able to supply the family with food and much needed shelter. Our hearts break for them and the many others affected by the disaster that are yet to receive aid. We are doing all that we can to get to as many people as possible and thank you for your help.

We also wish to thank Arun Bhai and Rajan Dai for doing such a great job today.

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