Helping to Rebuild Lives…

By now you all know about the two earthquakes that have devastated the central region of Nepal on the 25th April (7.8) and the 12th (7.3) May 2015  After living through the destruction and having close ties to many remote villages of Nepal, a group of mountain bikers got together to deliver Aid. With many groups acting to help so quickly we chose to focus on one VDC (Village Development Committee) which is called Shikra Besi on the boundaries of Langtang and Nuwakot. We soon realized that more was needed than just a one time drop of rice. After our assessment, we quickly realized the need for long term (at-least 5 months) food support, medical support, immediate shelter and long term rebuilding, school rebuilding, road clearing, field stabilization and crop planting…with the monsoon fast approaching all of this is critical. At the same time we are also helping out as we can with the needs of the communities around us in Kathmandu.

At moments we step back and cannot help but feel despair at the sheer scale of the help that is needed all over Nepal, we might only be a drop in a massive ocean of needs, but with thanks to the ongoing and at times overwhelming support, donations and encouragement from all our friends around the world, we can help to create that elusive light at the end of the tunnel.

Can you imagine a birds eye view of a beautiful valley at the foot of the foreboding Himalaya, of around 600 house, none are still standing…? This is just the area we are working in, this scene is repeated over and over and over again all over Central Nepal.



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